3 Vital Steps To Planning Perfect Custom Staircase Designs

Custom staircase designs are stunning pieces of furniture. They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property. Because they are permanent features, their design can be complex, with many aspects to consider. Therefore, understanding the design process is critical to ensuring the success and viability of your project. Initially, you should consider what fits your current space and what your building's design allows. 

Often, building regulations determine aspects of your staircase design, including the distance between landings, riser height, handrail height, tread depth and baluster space. Therefore, hiring the services of a professional custom staircase provider can assist in balancing your design preferences with the existing building codes.

Prioritise Value Engineering 

When designing your custom staircase, inquire whether your installation specialist follows value engineering, which is typically a multi-step design process. Ideally, value engineering is an essential step in designing commercial or residential staircases. It's integral in maximising your project while minimising design costs. 

Your staircase designer should collaborate with general contractors and architects to identify critical specifications in your custom staircase design. This team provides alternative solutions that help maximise design value to ensure the project meets your budgetary requirements. 

Evaluate Your Custom Staircase Design's Function

Staircases provide more than just a pathway from one floor to the next. It involves numerous design elements. During the second design phase, ask yourself how you plan to utilise your staircase. Do you want the design to make the ultimate statement in your home or commercial premises foyer? Will the secondary staircase serve the primary function? 

Whether function and style are your preferences, consider working with a design specialist who prioritises the safety, durability and aesthetic appeal of your staircases. 

Consider The Staircase Design Style And Fit

Is your commercial or residential space demand straight or curved staircases? Through meticulous design, custom staircases can add the perfect charm to your property. However, your design preference might demand technical tweaks early during the planning stages to help cut costs and time. 

For instance, you might prefer straight staircases, yet your space only allows for curved staircases with several landings. Can the proposed plans accommodate your design wishes? Work with a designer with experience and technical expertise to ensure your preferred design can offer function and style for years. 

Consider these three essential steps when planning a custom staircase design. Therefore, hire a reputable designer to achieve high-quality custom staircase designs for more inspiration and insights. 

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