Two cost-cutting ideas for homeowners who are renovating their kitchens

Here are some cost-cutting measures you can take if you want your impending kitchen renovations to be more affordable.

Only paint the areas of the walls that will be visible

One aspect of any kitchen renovation that can be pricey is the painting of the kitchen walls. This can be particularly costly if you want to use high-end paint or are having a professional do the painting for you. However, the good thing about painting a kitchen, as opposed to another room in your home, is that you have the option of not painting each wall in its entirety if you don't want to; instead, you can paint the areas that the kitchen cabinets will not cover. Depending on the size of your kitchen and how expensive the paint you're using is, this could save you quite a lot of money and, if you've hired a painter, could reduce the renovation's labour costs, too.

If you decide to adopt this cost-cutting measure, and you're also planning to change the cabinets or change their layout, you should make sure that you know the dimensions of the new cabinets and know exactly where each one will be positioned before you do the painting. Doing this will ensure that you don't add any of your expensive paint to areas that won't be visible.

Replace the doors of your kitchen cabinets, instead of the cabinets themselves

Many homeowners who decide to renovate their kitchens end up replacing the cabinets because doing this can have such a positive effect on a kitchen's look. However, it can often end up being the most expensive part of the project. If your kitchen cabinets are dated but in decent condition and you want to update their look without overspending, you should consider replacing the door of each cabinet, instead of each cabinet in its entirety. If the new doors don't match the visible outer side panels of the cabinets, you can resolve this quite easily by painting these panels to match the new doors.

Taking this approach will not only save you money by cutting down on the number of cabinet components you need to purchase but will also make your labour costs lower, as it will take your contractor a lot less time to unscrew and remove the cabinet doors and then attach their replacements than it would take them to remove all of the cabinets in their entirety and then fit new ones in their place.

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