Two tips to follow when buying upholstery fabric for your furniture

If you have some furniture that you'd like to reupholster and you are now about to look for upholstery fabric, here are some tips to follow.

Consider how much sunlight the furniture in question is exposed to

When deciding what fabric to buy, you should consider how much sunlight the furniture item will be exposed to in its current location. For example, if you have an armchair in your home's reading nook and this nook is a suntrap, then it might be best to avoid purchasing extremely vibrant-coloured upholstery fabric for this chair, as the sun will make this fabric fade.

It's also important to note that it's unlikely to fade evenly, in a way that would be unnoticeable; instead, the sections of the chair that get the most sun (like the arms) are likely to fade faster than, for example, the seat which will be protected from the sun for the few hours each week that you sit on it. If, however, you upholster this chair with a pale-coloured fabric (like ivory), you should find that any fading that occurs does not have a dramatic effect on the chair's aesthetics, as any lightening of certain areas will not contrast too much with the already-pale original fabric colour.

Check the thickness of the fabric samples you order

It's always a good idea to order samples before choosing upholstery fabric. If you do this you should ensure that, when examining the samples, you not only check that the colour is right and that the fabric feels soft enough, but also that they're the right level of thickness for the furniture you're planning to upholster them with. Not all upholstered furniture needs to be covered in thick fabric; however, if you'll be reupholstering a furniture item that you and your family use all the time (such as the sofa in your living room), then it's best to pick one of the samples that looks and feels thick.

The reason for this is that the more often you sit or lie on an upholstered furniture item, the more friction you'll subject it to and the more likely it is that the fabric will thin out in the areas that have the most contact with your body. However, if you choose a thick, robust upholstery fabric, this could take many years to happen. In contrast, if you're reupholstering a piece of furniture that you only use occasionally (like a bedroom bench, for instance), then you safely opt for a thinner upholstery fabric if you prefer its pattern or colours.

For more information on upholstery fabric, contact a professional near you.

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