Care Tips for a Marble Kitchen Benchtop

The widespread use of marble as a kitchen benchtop material can be attributed to its natural beauty. However, marble can easily stain and discolour with age. Fortunately, the property contributes to aesthetics because marble acquires a unique patina as it ages. That said, it is essential to follow tried and tested maintenance tips to keep a marble kitchen benchtop in pristine condition for a long time. This article explores valuable tips for protecting and preserving a marble kitchen countertop. 

Apply a Sealant

Marble is arguably one of the most porous natural stones; hence, it easily absorbs spills. However, the attribute makes marble susceptible to staining; therefore, homeowners should be careful when placing liquids, such as red wine, coffee, and soda, on a marble countertop. Since marble countertops have a bare surface when bought from a store, it is essential to apply a sealant regardless of whether your countertop has a polished or honed finish. A penetrating sealant fills the pores on marble, blocking them entirely and creating a tight seal.

Before applying a sealant, ensure that the surface is clean and dry to avoid trapping dirt ad debris. Once you have a clean marble surface, gently apply a sealant with a piece of cloth. Notably, the coat should last several months with heavy use. However, when water droplets stop beading on the surface of a marble kitchen countertop, it is a sign that you need to apply a fresh sealant coat.

Clean Daily

Marble countertops are termed 'high-maintenance' for a reason. For example, you need to clean them daily, unlike other kitchen benchtop materials, such as stainless steel or recycled glass, that remain in pristine condition with occasional wiping. To ensure that the sealant on a marble benchtop remains effective, you must clean it with care daily. Thus, you need a nonabrasive cloth or sponge, mild soap, and water at all times. The supplies help wipe off food and liquid spills immediately, preventing stains from seeping into marble. In addition, you can buy coasters for bottles of wine, glasses, and cooking pans to avoid spillages.

Grind Out Stubborn Stains

Sometimes, you might not be around to wipe off spillages immediately they occur, which can lead to stubborn stains. In some cases, extreme cleaning is necessary; hence, you need to call a stone refinisher. Notably, the professional knows how to handle different countertops and uses a special grinder or fine-grit sandpaper to remove stubborn stains. In most cases, stone refinishers encourage homeowners to use DIY efforts to clean their marble countertops. For instance, most stains disappear with gentle sanding. However, you must remember to reseal the surface when done.

To learn more, contact companies that install or maintain kitchen benchtops.

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