Advantages of a Track-Guided Awning

Besides maximising the outdoor space, how can an awning benefit your home? The right awning enhances privacy without compromising comfort. Besides, it improves outdoor space aesthetics and creates more space for your home. However, various awnings offer the above benefits, making it hard to choose the right type. Notably, homeowners should go for track-guided awnings since they provide unique advantages over other designs. This post highlights the benefits of installing a track-guided awning.  

Eliminate Side Gaps

After installing a standard awning, you will notice gaps on the sides when you pull down the fabric. The gaps are significant enough to allow rainwater, light, dust, pests, and other elements in your outdoor relaxation space. Thus, a standard awning does not guarantee you complete protection from the elements. However, you do not have to worry about side gaps with a  track-guided awning since it connects flash with the supporting rails. The design creates a sealed space when an awning is lowered, providing total protection from the elements. That said, you must ensure that the track is clean and free of debris so that an awning can glide smoothly up and down.  


Outdoor relaxation spaces, such as decks, patios, and pergolas, offer a serene environment outside the home where you can interact with nature. However, a relaxation space can only be peaceful if it is quiet, which is the last thing you get with a standard awning. As the wind blows on an awning fabric, the loose sides make annoying flapping noises. However, a track-guided awning is the exact opposite because it remains quiet regardless of wind strength. It can be attributed to the tight seal along the sides, which does not allow wind through.  

Multi-Level Locking

Changes in weather and time are the key factors determining whether to leave an awning up or draw it down. For instance, when it starts raining, you must pull down an awning to protect your furniture from the rain. Similarly, you might need to open an awning at midday when it is scorching hot. However, there are times when drawing an awning halfway is more practical.

For example, if you want enough light into your deck but want to keep the space private, investing in an awning that can be secured midway is the best option. However, you do not get such a luxury with ordinary awning designs. Notably, track-guided models have a multi-level locking mechanism, which allows you to secure the fabric at any height. Thus, it gives you total control over how you want to protect and use the outdoor space.

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