3 Top Trends That Moving Companies Should Explore

There are two types of movers — those that handle everything themselves and those that hire removalists services. People in the former group soon find out how moving interstate can be a long and tedious process. It might explain why most homeowners who are moving interstate engage the services of removalists. That said, removalist companies need to stay on top of their game to ensure excellent service delivery. This article highlights critical trends that enhance removalist services.

Environmentally Sustainable Moving  

The 21st-century homeowner understands the need to take good care of the environment. While past generations buried their heads in the sand concerning the topic, it is not the case today. Therefore, homeowners are increasingly looking for removalists that are conscious of the environment. Removalists can accomplish the objective in various ways. For instance, some service providers accept recyclable moving boxes from customers for a fraction of the original cost, ensuring that the packaging does not end up in landfills. Similarly, instead of using bubble wraps as padding materials, service providers can adopt green alternatives, such as egg trays, towels, or blankets. Moreover, some removalists are investing in biodiesel-powered moving trucks to reduce their carbon footprint.

Moving Pets 

Approximately 67% of Australian households own a pet, which is considered part of the family. There is no doubt that pet owners want to move with their furry friends interstate. Unfortunately, some removalist companies do not offer this option, leaving clients to make their arrangements, particularly if they do not have personal means. Besides, pets are likely to get agitated, affecting their psychology and well-being. Due to the frustrations that clients experience, it is essential to assist them in moving pets. For instance, some removalist services allow clients and their pets to ride in the same moving truck. Other service providers offer comfortable and spacious pet cages.

Climate-Controlled Trucks

The conditions inside a moving truck can significantly affect the quality of belongings. If it gets too hot, the humidity inside might damage moisture-sensitive materials and fabrics such as couches. On the other hand, fragile items such as glass become brittle and susceptible to breaking if it gets too cold. Besides, standard trucks are not ideal for moving antique items, such as portraits. Climate-controlled moving trucks are making it easier for clients to move their belongings over long distances. For example, a driver can adjust a truck's temperatures to match the needs of clients' belongings.

If you're looking for additional tips, check out other local interstate removalists.

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