Four Reasons To Pick Aluminum Blinds Over Timber Blinds

Blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters a home as well as providing a stylish look. But you may be wondering about the difference between aluminium and timber blinds and which is the better choice for your home. There are many reasons why aluminium blinds have the advantage over wooden blinds. Brands that combine primarily aluminium materials with some wood have all the advantages of aluminium as well as maintaining a stylish look. 

1. Aluminium Blinds Can Look Better

When it comes to a classic and traditional look, you may believe that timber blinds are the way to go. But wooden shutters can actually look inauthentic unless they are made with real, expensive pieces of wood. Cheap wood looks cheap and can make a house look dated, quickly. 

Aluminium blinds, on the other hand, come in a range of stylish and contemporary designs that can match any home decor or furnishings. Bold or neutral, glossy or matte — the choice is yours.

2. Aluminium Blinds Can Last Longer

Timber blinds are susceptible to age and sun damage. Wood cracks and warps, whereas Aluminium blinds do not. Aluminium blinds are durable and low maintenance, only requiring a dusting or wipe over with a cloth every now and then — no cracks to fix or varnish to repair. Aluminium blinds are lightweight and less likely to be damaged by many months and years of opening and shutting as well. 

3. Aluminium Blinds Are Better In Certain Climates And Areas

Although timber is okay in dry environments, timber blinds are a bad choice for any areas or spaces that may be damp or produce moisture. Kitchens are a source of steam and heat, which can crack timber blinds. Aluminium or aluminium blend blinds are a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms or for any room in a house that is in a humid or tropical environment. 

4. Aluminium Blinds Can Reduce Your Power Bill

Aluminium and aluminium blend blinds shut more tightly than timber blinds. Not only does this give you more privacy, but it also allows you more control over how much light and heat is let into your house. During the harsh winter and summer months, this can save you on your cooling and heating bills. 

Although it can be a tough choice, there are many reasons why aluminium blinds are a better choice than timber blinds for your home. 

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