Reasons to Consider Customised Wardrobe Shelving

For some people, a typical wardrobe is enough to cater for their wardrobe needs (a place to place their clothes, shoes and ornaments). These types of wardrobes are not customised in any unique way; they only provide a few shelves and a hanging rod, usually believed to be enough space for one person or two. It is important to note that you can have a custom wardrobe made. Here are some of the reasons you might require customised wardrobe shelving.

Economising Space

You might have lots of clothes or items you need to put in your wardrobe, but your bedroom may be too small to install a huge wardrobe. Talk to a competent wardrobe shelving company to get several wardrobe options that maximise your space.

Be careful when choosing these designs because you also want to access your clothes or accessories easily (you do not want a congested wardrobe). A reputable company will ask you various questions related to the kind of wardrobe you want, which also helps the company find out more about you. This allows it to help you pick out a design that maximises space without compromising on the functionality and personal requirements you have.

Special and Unique Features

Different people have different tastes and preferences. You might want secret compartments installed, or you might be a collector of watches, shoes, handbags, makeup sets or jewellery and want a unique place to store them. Typical wardrobe shelving might not offer such a place; therefore, you need to have customised work done.

You may also want to combine different materials. Typical wardrobes are made from wood, but you may want to use glass, stone, plastic or even metal in some places. This can affect the cost of the wardrobe, so you should ask the wardrobe shelving company to find out how they can mix up the materials you want at an affordable price.

It is good to note that sometimes you might not have the choice of how your wardrobe opens. If your bedroom is small, a swinging wardrobe door might not be a good idea because it would take up much space; a sliding door is recommended. However, if you have plenty of space, you can choose whichever opening mechanism you want.


If you own unique home items (furniture, finishing, doors, windows, lighting, etc.), you don't want your wardrobe to be the one that alters the aesthetics of your space. Involve a designer and a competent wardrobe shelving company for satisfactory results.

For more information on wardrobe shelving, contact a shelving supplier.

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For some people, a typical wardrobe is enough to cater for their wardrobe needs (a place to place their clothes, shoes and ornaments). These types of