Factors Affecting the Choice of a Mattress for Teenagers

According to sleep researchers, adolescent kids need between eight and 10 hours of sleep — more than what an adult or toddler needs. Unfortunately, many teenagers sleep less than seven hours. While there are various reasons for this trend, poor mattress choice ranks high. Therefore, if you thought finding the right mattress for an adult was difficult, try finding one for your teenage child. So, where do you begin? How do you find a mattress that will promote the growth and development of your kid? Read on for in-depth insight into the factors to consider.  

Sleeping Position of Your Teenager

Did you know that sleeping positions are determined early on in life? Whether you prefer sleeping on your back, side or your tummy, the chances are that you cultivated that preference in your teen years or even younger. Notably, most parents do not know that sleeping positions affect the mattress firmness rating you should buy for their teenage child. Therefore, before you head to the store, you need want to watch how your child sleeps and their preferred position. For instance, if they sleep on their tummy most nights, then you should buy a firm mattress to provide enough support to the stomach and ensure it doesn't curve in too much. On the other hand, teenagers that sleep on their side need a mattress with a soft to medium firmness rating. It allows the mattress to mould to the teen's natural sleeping position without putting stress on internal organs such as the heart.  

Combines Foam and Springs 

Teenagers grow fast. One day, they are in seventh grade, and before you know it, they are off to college. While most colleges issue standard mattresses in their dorms, these are often less comfortable and might affect sleep patterns — the last thing a college student needs. Therefore, when buying a mattress for your teenage child, make sure that it combines both foam and springs as part of its makeup. The reason for this is that the springs extend the durability of the mattress as well as improved lumbar support. When the time comes to leave for college, the teenagers will still be able to use it in college, thereby maintaining adequate and comfortable sleep.  

Trial Conditions

A high-quality mattress that offers the best value for money doesn't come cheap; therefore, parents must observe care when buying one for their teenage child. Since it takes a few days to a few weeks to get a good feel of a new mattress with regards to comfort, mattress vendors offer a trial period. Your teenage child should use the trial period since it helps you to determine if you made the right choice. If the kids discover that they are not comfortable in their new mattress, you can return it and get another at no added cost.

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