Why You May Need Several Different Types of Window Blinds for Your New Home

A study in the USA found out that, on average, there may be as many as 22 windows in an individual house. You may have been surprised to find out how many were included in your new house build recently, but now that the project is complete, you need to turn your attention to window treatments. If you have been thinking about fitting blinds, you may have to look at a variety of different options to account for all of those different units, so do what you need to think about?


You may live in a part of the country that enjoys all four seasons and associated weather patterns. In this case, you will have to think about the climate when selecting your window blinds so that you will be able to deal with both heat and cold. Honeycomb blinds are great insulators in this case.


You must also think about how much light you want to let into each room, once again keeping an eye on the internal temperature. You may have some bedrooms that face the rising sun in the morning, and you may need to think about keeping the light levels low for a shift worker. In this case, you need to choose blinds that can be adjusted carefully to let in a certain amount of light when needed and to repel it when not. In this case, vertical blinds could be the answer.


Elsewhere, you may need to think about moisture content within the room and will need to choose blinds that are made accordingly. If you were to put the wrong type of blinds in a bathroom, then over time they may not stand up very well to the moisture and may crack or warp.


Maybe you will be starting a new family and expect to have little ones in due course. In this case, you will need to choose cordless blinds for safety purposes.


Some of your 22 windows could be elevated, if you have a room with a cathedral ceiling. You may nevertheless want to regulate the amount of light here, and in this case, you should choose motorised blinds. You will be able to program them so they automatically close or open when the sun moves around to that point in the sky.

Making Your Choice

As you can see, you may need a variety of different styles of blinds, and it is a good idea for you to buy all your resources from one outlet. They will help you to choose exactly what you need and provide you with the best-quality products for the long term.

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