Refine Your Kitchen With A Dash Of Stone

Kitchens are probably the most diverse room in the house for the variety of materials used in the construction. It is not unusual to see metal, tile, wood, brick and stone all around each other when it comes to the kitchen. This is not a great look, however, as it can make the house feel cluttered even without anything in the room. Simplicity and synchronicity are the keys to a cohesive interior design, and no material better represents that in the kitchen than stone. Here are some stone options you can consider when planning your new kitchen.

Stone Splashbacks

Stone is a great material for big, background pieces because it has such fantastic colours and a gritty texture that allows it to provide a base to then expand upon. Stone splashbacks provide a natural aesthetic that is very tough and doesn't need a lot of attention after its installation. Unlike window or glass splashbacks, stone splashbacks don't highlight minor imperfections or smudges and are an easy choice if you are looking for a beautiful material that has low maintenance requirements. Stone splashbacks also come in a variety of different designs to mach any colour palette.

Kitchen Stone Benchtop

Kitchen stone benchtops are a popular choice for the reason also examined above: durability. Your benchtop will get a lot of work during its lifetime, and it is important that it can handle it. The last thing you want is to have to get repairs done on such a common area of your kitchen. Getting custom kitchen stone benchtop installation is an easy process, too, as after you have chosen your pattern and stone variant (granite, quartz, natural stone) it is just a process of setting it and forgetting it. If you want to match your benchtop with your stone splashbacks, then it is often a good idea to buy both from the same retailer as many have exclusive deals with suppliers meaning you can't find the same style in multiple places.

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is a great option in kitchens across Australia because not only is it tough and naturally pretty, but it is resistant to heat in the summer, something that makes it popular in the hotter areas of the country. Much like tiling, stone flooring is a hard surface, but unlike tiling you can get bigger slabs of stone flooring that look cleaner. If you want single pieces of hard flooring but are not so enamoured with a boring cement slab, then stone flooring is a great alternative. 

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