Three Reasons To Install Roof Insulation Before Summer

Spring has arrived and warmer temperatures are already showing up in Queensland. With another long, hot summer on the horizon, now is the time to be thinking about how to keep your house cool. Once summer arrives, contractors get busy and are unavailable to take on new work. As a homeowner who is currently organising renovations, you are struggling to decide whether to invest in roof insulation now or wait until winter gets nearer. Here are three reasons why you should install roof insulation before summer arrives.

Cool House

The main purpose of insulation in your house is that it keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Heat moves through your home until it reaches the cool air. The cold and hot air then mixes until the temperature difference evens out. During the summer, the strong heat enters the home through your roof and passes through your ceiling into your home where the air is cooler. When you place insulation into your roof cavity, it blocks the heat from moving easily into your house to mix with the cool air.

Lowers Energy Use

Without insulation, the heat moves into the house to mix with the cool air being produced by ceiling fans, floor fans or air conditioning units. The air mixes and raises the temperature to a point where there is no temperature difference between the cool and warm air. This means your cooling appliances work harder and longer to keep the air cooled to a temperature you desire. The more that your cooling units have to work, the more energy they use. Once the roof insulation is installed, hot air is prevented from entering your home and cold air is blocked from escaping through the roof. The insulation leads to lower energy use by your cooling appliances as the cold air remains inside your home.

Lowers Energy Cost

The economic consequence of installing roof insulation is that because your cooling appliances need to work less to keep your home cool, you subsequently pay for less energy use when the bill arrives each quarter. Over time, this reduction of energy cost justifies the initial cost to put the roof insulation into your home.

Don't wait six months for winter to roll around before you install roof insulation. Instead, have a conversation with a roof insulation service now to get a quote on filling in your roof cavity before the strong summer heat arrives.

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