The Advantages of Venetian Blinds

Although there are many other types of window treatment that you could fit into your home, opting for a Venetian blinds, like those from Indigo Blinds, makes a lot of sense whether you are talking about a home, a school or an office. This is because these sorts of slatted blinds are so versatile, and they suit modern buildings just as much as older ones. In fact, Venetian blinds have been around for a very long time indeed, and this makes sense when you realise just how practical and good-looking they are. What are the main benefits of these blinds compared with curtains, shutters, roller blinds and so on?

Light and Heat Control

One of the great things about slatted blinds is that you can control the amount of light that comes into your home very easily. If you want a full level of sunlight, then you simply raise them up in order to make the window fully open. Like roller blinds, you can also lower then partially so that only the top part of the window is covered. However, unlike many other sorts of window treatments, you can also adjust the position of the slats. This means that you have a fine degree of control over how much sunlight comes in. Not only will this help to prevent glare and premature fading of your upholstery, but it will also result in lower air-conditioning bills because your room does not heat up so quickly.

Greater Privacy

Another important aspect of Venetian blinds is that their slats allow you to control the degree of privacy you can achieve. When the slats are placed in their vertical position, they help to prevent prying eyes from looking in. However, you can also have them turned at around 45°, which means that you can see out — but only people who are right up against the window will be able to look inside, affording you both light and privacy.

Inexpensive Installations

Because Venetian blinds are so popular these days, they are much less expensive to install than you might think. There is an economy of scale when any type of window treatment is mass-produced, and this is certainly the case with slatted blinds. Although wooden ones tend to be the most expensive, you can purchase extremely affordable aluminium slats, for a blind of this type which will last a long time without the need for any maintenance other than a little dusting once in a while.

Superb Control Systems

Today's Venetian blind control systems are much more advanced than they ever used to be. You normally have a drawstring which you can pull through on a loop, which allows you to adjust the pitch of the slats. Others have a rod controller, which is even easier to operate with a straightforward twist. That said, automated Venetian blind control systems also exist, which means that you can operate them with a remote control unit. In some cases, they will even raise and lower themselves as well as adjust their own slats according to the position of the sun so you do not have to do anything at all.

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