Top Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filter With a Shower Rail

Do you feel it's a bit too much to install a water filter for your entire home — at least financially? If you do, then there is an affordable alternative in shower head filters. The shower heads come equipped with a built-in filtration device that removes dirt, chlorine and odours. Some filters can even change shower water pH level. However, if you want to get the most from this type of home water filter, then you need to install a shower rail, too. The benefits of this combination cannot be understated, and this article highlights the exact reasons.    

Safe Replacement of Shower Head Filter

When a shower head loses its effectiveness, then replacement is mandatory. Notably, some homeowners call a professional plumber to do the replacement, and it is especially the case for homeowners with fixed shower heads. The reason is that filters on fixed shower heads must be changed at height, and the risk of falling is real. Therefore, a professional plumber is the best bet at completing the job without a homeowner risking on safety. However, if you install a shower head with a filter, then you don't have to worry about falling during replacement. All you have to do is lower the shower head along its railing, change the screen, and then raise the shower head back up. The process takes a couple of minutes, and you save money by doing the task yourself.   

Longer-Lasting Filters

According to manufacturers, shower head filters are designed to last a specific period. Notably, the longevity of the filters depends on various factors, such as the quality of water, frequency of usage, and whether the shower head is fixed or movable. For instance, a high shower head increases water consumption since it takes longer to rinse off the body. If the water has excess impurities, then increased usage leads to faster deterioration of the filters and premature replacement. On a movable shower head, you can bring down the shower closer to the body. It ensures that you use less water, thereby prolonging the filter's service life regardless of the water quality.   

Variety of Shower Water Filters

When it comes to shower water filters, two choices stand out: in-line shower head filters and built-in shower head filters. Your choice of shower filter depends on how low or high the shower head hangs. An in-line showerhead filter works well with a shower head that is high since it is installed just after the shower arm. An in-built shower head filter, on the other hand, is best connected with a low shower head. By installing a shower head rail, you can install any shower head filter since the shower head height is adjustable.   

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