Ways A Security Door Can Enhance Your Home

A straightforward upgrade that will provide numerous benefits for your home is installing a security screen door. These provide an extra layer of safety against intruders, and they also enhance your home in other ways. 

Safety And Security

Your home provides a haven where you and your family can relax and socialise, so it's important to feel safe. Not only does a security screen door make it difficult for burglars to break in, but it also acts as a deterrent. Being highly visible from the street, the door gives the message that security is a priority for your home, which can encourage criminals to target a more accessible property. If you install a model that passes standardised tests against actions such as knife shearing and jemmying, then you know that it is extremely tough and robust.

Air Flow

While you may feel comfortable leaving back doors ajar to allow fresh breezes to flow through your home, it can be a different matter with a front door that faces a public street. With a security screen door, you can allow the current to flutter through with total peace of mind. Having both front and back doors open simultaneously to create a passageway is a great way to eliminate stale and humid atmosphere inside your home. The mesh also blocks insects, leaves and other debris. While open, it effectively functions as an extra-large window, brightening up your home with additional daylight. This brightness then reflects from room to room, improving the ambience of each.

Various Designs

While these security doors are practical, don't forget about their aesthetic qualities. Typically made from either steel or aluminium, they're available in a range of powder-coated colours including greens, charcoals, blacks and whites, allowing you to coordinate the door with your architecture. You can select a diamond grill pattern, but many other designs are available: rectangular forms, decorative scrolls and geometric structures with colonial casting. Alternatively, you can go grill-less and use steel mesh for a minimal effect. No matter what style your home is, you will be able to find a sympathetic door model. Because these doors as available in hinged and sliding varieties, you can match the door at the front of your home to sliding doors at the rear.


Both steel and aluminium create sturdy, durable doors. Steel is famous for its strength, and aluminium for its resilience to rusting. However, both metals use coatings to make them hardier: zinc and baked on powder-coated polyester paint, for instance. Some doors combine the two metals in the one structure, with an aluminium frame and steel mesh.

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