Types of Materials You Can Use to Make Custom Blinds

Custom blinds aren't ordinary roller blinds. They are designed to fit your windows perfectly and as per your tastes and preferences. They make the windows look smart and trim, and let you enjoy accurate functionality. Moreover, they give you better privacy, light control and visual appeal of your windows.

While there are different types of blinds, custom-made blinds can also be made from various materials. There are many fabric and colour choices, so your blinds can be made to match your indoor decor to give you a completely new look and feel. Would you like to know some of the material choices you have before you contact your roller blinds designer? Keep reading to know more.


Blinds made of wood are the most popular choice for a wide range of applications. These blinds offer that warmth and natural beauty of wood and come in multiple stains, colours, and types of wood. Though wood blinds are an excellent choice for any room or commercial space, they are not suitable for areas where moisture and humidity are a concern. Wood can expand when it's exposed to moisture or humidity, and this could create problems regarding its normal functioning. What's more, these blinds are susceptible to splitting, breaking, warping and cracking. This means they might not last as long as expected, especially when humidity or moisture is involved.


If you are searching for an economical material, go for plastic blinds. These blinds come in different colours and can be designed in numerous sizes. Although plastic blinds are suitable for all applications, they don't offer that luxurious appearance you get from materials like wood. Additionally, the blinds can get damaged over time if they are made with thin plastics.


Designed to look like plastic blinds, metal blinds are not availed in a wide range of finishes. Unlike wood, metal blinds are resistant to humidity and moisture, making them an excellent choice for humid environments and bathrooms. They simply need to be coated and they will resist corrosion, in case the metal that's used corrodes. These blinds are availed in multiple gauges -- smaller gauges are thicker and offer more durable slats. However, the blinds are noisy, and this could be a bother to some people.

Synthetic fabrics

When it comes to designing types of shades such as roller, Roman or tie-up, synthetic fabrics are a popular material. The material is easy to clean and durable. What's more, they can resist fading, meaning they'll remain beautiful for longer than natural fabric shades.

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