3 Reasons To Fill Your Home's Interior With Plants

When it comes to the interior of homes, a lot of thought is given to the style, colours and features that are included. However, often the idea of plants in the home is overlooked, to the detriment of the home and the occupants. As well as looking beautiful, indoor plants have a range of other benefits. Here are three reasons why you should consider adorning your home with some gorgeous greenery.

1. They help to reduce stress

Modern life is often stressful for many people. Adding plants to your home's interior is a great way to help reduce stress levels and create a harmonious and calming retreat from the busy outside world. Being around living plants can help to lower blood pressure and relax your mind, which is why spending time in the great outdoors is so restorative.

It's not always possible to wander through a serene forest as often as you might like. Yet, by adding some verdant plants to your home you can recreate the soothing benefits of natural, outdoor therapy on a smaller scale that can be enjoyed every day.

2. They help to purify your home

Another huge benefit to having a home filled with greenery is the purifying qualities that plants provide. Plants act as living air filters that naturally absorb toxins from the air and replenish an indoor space with clean, fresh oxygen.

Having plenty of plants will help to filter out environmental toxins, such as carbon monoxide and traffic fumes. They also help to reduce airborne toxins from cleaning products and cooking fumes. This quality is great for everyone, but it's particularly beneficial if you have people in your home that have vascular issues or children who are more vulnerable to toxins than adults.

3. They increase your life expectancy

If the two points above are not enough to convince you that filling your home with plants is highly beneficial, then the results of a recent study by Harvard may well be. Researchers discovered that creating an environment filled with greenery can reduce mortality rates by up to 12%.

Part of the reason is due to the stress-relieving properties of plants and the reduction of environmental toxins that can lead to health problems. Plants also have a highly beneficial impact on mental health, which is strongly linked to overall physical health and longevity.

With these points in mind, it may be time to visit your local wholesale plant florist to stock up on some beautiful plants for your home. If you're not sure which plants will be the best option, the supplier can help you choose a variety of different plants that will thrive in each room of your home.

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