2 Window Treatments To Keep Your Sun Room Cooler This Summer

Sun rooms are an iconic and popular addition to Australian homes. They're a great way to extend your home's living space with an all-weather garden room, and they make a bright and cosy retreat during the colder months. Unfortunately, during the hotter times of the year, the large number of windows can make a sun room too hot to spend time in.

If this is a concern in your home, then you're probably wondering what steps you can take to address the problem. Fortunately, the right choice in window treatments can make a massive difference in maintaining a comfortable temperature in a sun room during summer. Here are two excellent options for you to consider.

1. Shutters

Shutters are a fantastic choice as a window treatment for a sun room. They're highly practical and they also provide a classic, elegant and attractive look for the space. You can choose from traditional timber shutters or more modern aluminium versions in a variety of colours. If you opt for aluminium shutters, make sure they have insulated frames and louvres for better climate control.

Shutters are a great option because they give you total control over how much light, privacy and insulation your sun room receives. They can be fully opened or closed, or you can move the louvres around to different angles to deflect heat while still allowing adequate airflow. During the winter, they'll also help to preserve the natural heat of the sun that the room absorbs through the day.

2. Blinds

Blinds are a simple yet effective way to help keep your sun room cooler during the summer months. They're a popular choice because they're unobtrusive, inexpensive and easy to install. They can also increase the aesthetic appeal of your sun room, with a wide range of decorative and beautiful blind fabrics to choose from.

For the best climate control, opt for blinds that have an insulative material attached to the regular fabric. This material makes your blinds more effective at blocking heat from entering your sun room and will help to keep the room cooler. Conversely, during winter, the insualtive material will help to keep the room warmer once the sun has set for the day.

Windows are notorious for being the biggest culprit when it comes to reducing a home's ability to deflect or maintain heat. These window treatments work well for any window in your home, but in a sun room that has a lot of glazing, you'll really notice the difference they can make.

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