5 Reasons to Choose Outdoor Blinds for Your Conservatory

One of the best things about having a conservatory is being able to bathe yourself in natural light and enjoy interrupted outside views. However, you'll also want to add blinds to ensure you can cut down on the glare and maintain your privacy when you want to. Most people assume those blinds should go on the inside, but there are actually several advantages to outdoor blinds, and here are just five.

1. Better at Blocking Heat 

The major benefit that comes with fitting external conservatory blinds is keeping out more of the heat. The issue with internal blinds is that they trap heat between themselves and the window – that cuts down on the heat a little, but not very effectively. In contrast, external blinds reflect heat away before it even passes through the glass. That means enjoying cooler temperatures during the height of summer and cutting down on cooling costs.

2. Superior Light Control and Privacy

One issue with internal blinds is that they need to be sized to the window. This means light can still get through at the side. When you fit an external blind, it can cover the whole window and part of or all of the frame. As such, fitting external conservatory blinds can help block out more light and maintain a greater sense of privacy.

3. Tidier Interior 

When you fit internal blinds, the blind itself and all the cords are in your personal space. This can be a problem in conservatories since you basically have windows instead of walls. Pushing furniture up against large windows can be tricky when you have blinds fitting inside, and having all those cords hanging around can make the room feel a tad messy. Far better to keep everything outside.

4. Easier Cleaning

Cleaning a conservatory can be tough since you have so much glass to deal with, and the fact that marks show up easily on windows means you'll need to clean relatively often. Getting around blinds can be tough, so why not make things easier on yourself by positioning the blinds outside?

5. Quieter During Rain

People often find their conservatories a little too loud when it rains. With all those drops coming down and striking glass, it isn't such a great place to sit and read a book or have a quiet chat with your friends. External blinds keep things quieter since water will strike fabric just outside the conservatory instead of the glass that makes up its walls and ceiling. 

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