Preparing Your Stuff for Storage: Things You Must Do

How many times do you look at the space inside your home and feel that it's too small for your items? Well, it might just be the right time to get a personal storage facility. Having a dedicated storage space will help you get rid of the clutter from the house and free more space. Before you do that, it is important to prepare your items for storage to prevent any damage. The following discussion outlines some of the important things you must do when preparing your items for storage.

Choose What You Want to Store 

The first step to effective storage is choosing the items that you want to store. You need to be careful here such that you only store the things you need instead of hoarding stuff. A high number of items requires lots of space, translating into more money for the storage unit. Therefore, you should only store something based on its sentimental value or usefulness in the future. If it does not meet any of these criteria, then you are better off selling or donating such an item to charity. 

Check Out Any Restrictions on Storage

Many states and local authorities have strict rules and regulations to restrict the type of items you can put in your storage unit. Often, these regulations are necessary because of the design of storage facilities. Some come as airtight, waterproof and gas-proof containers. They are not ideal for holding some type of items. Some of the items falling in the "restricted item category include explosives, fertilisers, petroleum products, paint and propane. Most of these items are a safety hazard to people and the environment. 

Have an Inventory and Mark Your Items

Make a list of all the things that you plan to put into your storage facility so that you do not forget anything. List everything from furniture, utensils and electronics to old gifts and paintings. Additionally, tag everything with permanent ink so that it is easy to locate your items in the future. Combing through a pile of disorganised, stored items looking for something specific isn't an interesting experience.  

Clean Your Items Before Storage

When storing an item, the point is to have it in good condition when you need it in the future. Most people overlook the importance of cleaning and vacuuming. Don't make this mistake. Wash, wipe and vacuum your items before storing them. It prevents a mouldy and musty smell when you retrieve them in the future. 

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