3 Ways to Create a Feature Shower Recess in Your New Bathroom

A popular bathroom remodelling choice for many Australians is to install a feature item. Commonly, this is a free-standing tub which acts as a focal piece for the bathroom. However, if you have a small bathroom or en-suite without room for a tub, then you'll need to think outside the box a little.

Creating a jaw-dropping shower recess is a great alternative to a feature bathtub and can really give your bathroom the wow factor. Here are three elements that you should include to create a stunning, contemporary and glamorous shower recess in your new bathroom.

1. A frameless shower screen

A shower screen is an essential item for a practical and functional shower, but your choice can make or break the overall look of the shower recess. Instead of a regular, framed shower screen, opt instead for a sleek and super modern frameless version.

These look amazing, and they also help to preserve a clean line of sight through the bathroom without clumsy, chunky frames to visually divide the room. Frameless screens also give you an unhindered view of all the other beautiful and eye-catching additions you're going to include within the shower recess.

2. A striking shower head

Shower heads come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. You can opt for super sleek and shiny chrome, on-trend brass or copper or uber-contemporary matte black. Whichever material you choose, just make sure that your shower head offers more than a steady flow of hot water.

The key is to find a model that has a sculptural appeal and creates a strong focal point within your shower recess feature. Shower heads with long, arched shapes or solid, geometric lines both look amazing. You could also consider an overhead raindrop shower head for a truly decadent showering experience.

3. A decorative tiled wall

Creating a feature out of your shower recess also means setting it apart from the rest of the room. Introducing beautiful, decorative tiles to the walls of your recess is an excellent way to achieve this. Coloured and patterned tiles look incredible when contrasted with neutral, unassuming tiles or paint on the remaining walls of the room.

For an eclectic, boho-inspired look, Moroccan or replica vintage French painted tiles will add colour, texture and pattern to your shower recess. For a more urban and contemporary feel, high-gloss, glazed tiles in a herringbone or geometric pattern are ideal. If you'd like to add some bling and pizzazz, metallic or mirrored tiles will add some glitz and drama to the space.

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